Fresh Sable Palm Trees

Fresh Sable Palm Trees Have Arrived at Superior Sod.

Now is the time to get a great deal on some fantastic sabal palm trees that we just took delivery of. Come on by our Store on Market Street in Ogden to pick out your favorite specimen to dress up your yard and add curb appeal and value.

unloading Sabal Palms

unloading Sabal Palms

these palm trees will look great in your yard

these palm trees will look great in your yard

Palm tree unloading


This Summer has been a fantastic year for planting new Sod and Sabal Palm Trees!

With all of the generous rain we have received from mother nature this past summer in the Wilmington, North Carolina area on the Carolina coast, it makes for an easy transition for planting and growing SOD and PALM TREES.

We have been receiving many calls and letters from very happy customers that have come to us for our plethora of wonderful sod varieties and numerous fresh palm trees. They have been reporting 100 percent success with planting and installation throughout this past summer. This is a marked difference in what we experienced in this area last year when we were on the verge of drought.

To assist customers that are thinking about renovating thier yards please come and see us by August 30th and mention this blog post and receive a free bag of fertilizer with the purchase of at least 3 pallets of sod.

Please note that dormant sodding and planting palm trees from September through February is an ideal environment to spruce up an old yard. We invite you to come to our location at 7340 Market Street in Ogden behind the ReStore, to see all of the sod varieties as well as our wide selection of winter hardy palms.

Check back with us to see our upcoming video about fairy ring and other greass diseases.

Also we will be posting information about the best times to fertilize and apply pre-emergent weed control so that you can have the best yard in your neighborhood.

This lovely lawn was just planted  4 weeks ago in Wilmington

This lovely lawn was just planted 4 weeks ago in Wilmington

Al s side Empire yard

Got old tired grass? Come visit us for new Sod!

Zorro Zoysia

A Beautiful Stand of Palms and lovely Zorro Zoysia Lawn can be yours with our help!

Palm Trees

We have a great selcetion of beautiful palm trees



Our customers are loving their new Empire Zoysia Lawns!

I have been buying sod from Don and Al for close to twenty years. Over that span I have found Don and Al and the entire Superior Sod crew to be professional in all aspects of turf sales. I know that these two fine gentlemen will always do everything they can to provide me the sod I need when I need it. Look no further. You have found your sod supplier for Southeastern North Carolina!


Ryan Wells told us that he was very grateful for our suggestions and thorough advice.    He is thrilled with his new lawn. His pictures show how well he prepared his soil prior to installing his new Empire and the finished product.This is the first lawn he ever installed.

20130531_161102 20130624_071000


My new back yard

My Beautiful Lawn”  was sent to us by Glynda  Patemotte .   She is extremely pleased with changing out her old grass and weeds to our Empire Zoysia.   This lawn is 2 weeks old.