Create a Lawn With Curb Appeal

If you’ve ever wondered how home and business property owners keep their emerald green lawns looking so great, the answer is “sod.” Soil varies from one region to another. It’s important to purchase top-quality sod from knowledgeable suppliers with experience in grass, soil and moisture for specific areas. Sod also solves the problem of the labor involved in growing and maintaining a lawn with curb appeal. For business properties, this tip is especially important.

Sod Experience by the Acre

Superior Sod & Garden Supplies has been growing sod for 40 years. With acres of sod planted and sold, we offer customers the advantage of ordering sod at our conveniently located store. Keeping the region green is what Superior Sod & Garden Supplies does best and why Superior Sod & Garden Supplies has been recognized by the Arboretum of Wilmington, N.C., as “Best in Education” for the past 7 years. The professional staff is recognized for reliability and dependability.

Basic Guide to Use of Sod

Sod is grown in special soil with a variety of seed types. Superior Sod & Garden Supplies provides assistance to help choose the best sod for various areas of lawns and gardens. For example, in high foot-traffic areas, Superior Sod & Garden consultants will recommend a more durable type of sod than areas with less foot traffic. Superior Sod & Garden Supplies makes recommendations for the best type of sod based on the amount of sunlight, water and soil the sod receives daily.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Sod is sold in large rolls, so it’s easy to install. In most cases, it takes little time for sod installation, depending on the overall size of the lawn. The benefit of choosing sod is having a sod expert with years of experience like Superior Sod & Garden Supplies available to create a beautiful lawn that adds value to home or business properties.

Join the Superior Sod & Garden Supplies Community of Satisfied Customers

After you purchase your sod from Superior Sod & Garden Supplies, you will join the community of our satisfied customers. You can always depend on us for additional information about sod and garden supplies. Order sod today for the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted.

Customers can call “Big Al” with any questions, which he is always pleased to answer!

Jump-Start Lush Lawns: Tips for Sod Installation & Correct Fertilizers in Wilmington, NC

By the time December arrives, thoughts of landscaping and gardening are often in a resting stage like the earth. However, those of us itching to get our hands back in the soil may have several opportunities readily at hand. With the 10-day weather prediction in Wilmington, NC, forecasting mostly 60s and 70s and the historical monthly average hitting close to 60 degrees through February, you can still install sod during the winter.

Ideal Times of the Year for Sod Installation

Are you yearning to get a jump on beautiful grass for the upcoming season? Are you confused about the best times for sod installation? The perfect time for sod installation is from the last day of any frost, particularly when using Centipede (mid-April) through October.

If you missed that period, You can also install sod when it is going into dormancy or is totally dormant and has no green leaf tissue. Here are other good times for sod installation:

Late fall
Early spring

When attempting dormant sod installation, one simple step is the key to success. Simply keep the sod pad moist. Fortunately, the rainfalls in our area during any phase of dormancy will do this work naturally for you.

Guidelines for Best Sod Fertilizers and Times

Now that you have the green light on sod installation during the winter, are you wondering about the best fertilizer? Are you still feeling unclear about the best times to fertilize? Here are reliable guidelines from our knowledgeable experts at Superior Sod & Garden supplies:

Before installing your sod, apply an application of 5:5:15 – referred to as a STARTER Fertilizer.
Use approximately 3 # per 1,000 square feet and lightly rake into the top 1/2 inch of soil.
After the sod has knitted down anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks during the growing season, apply a second application of either 5:5:15 for Centipede or 16:4:8 for any other variety.
Irrigate this fertilizer into the soil and off the leaf tissues.

Another important step is to spoon feed your fertilizer–only as needed. In addition, select one with lower Nitrogen because excess amounts will make your grass susceptible to Brown Patch and other diseases.

Reasons to Avoid High-Nitrogen and Weed-and-Feed Fertilizers

When you want a lush-looking lawn, you may mistakenly think that more is better. Chain stores often feed this misconception because they carry fertilizers, labeled for southern lawns, which are too high in Nitrogen (30%). This approach is actually inappropriate for our area.

According to our experts with four decades of experience in the industry, the only grassvariety that can handle this high amount of Nitrogen is in the Bermudas. In Wilmington, NC, this amount of Nitrogen will ultimately send Centipede into a decline. Consequently, your lawn will be vulnerable to the following:

Winter injury or kill

To avoid undesirable results, it is also important to avoid applying a Weed-and-Feed fertilizer before or just after any sod installation. The chemicals used in this formula create a barrier in your soil, which will block seed germination. In addition, they also prevent sod from becoming unified and settling down.

Would you like to learn more about proper sod installation and fertilizers for our region? The experts at Superior Sod & Garden Supplies, who are committed to educating customers, can help. Contact us!

At Superior Sod & Garden Supplies, We Know All About Palm Trees

Palm trees are decorative trees that can spruce up an outdoor yard for an exceptional look. They are gorgeous to look at, and they require the necessary care to keep them looking fresh and healthy. These tips will allow you to keep your palms looking the way they should because here at Superior Sod & Garden Supplies, we are in the business of educating our customers.

Proper Palm Tree Care

Are you interested in caring for your palm trees properly? You have come to the right place because at Superior Sod & Garden Supplies, we take great pride in how we help customers to care for their palm trees in the proper way. Palm trees can decorate your outdoors to give you the superb feeling of the outdoors and beaches, and it is important to make sure they are cared for properly.

Tips for Healthy Palm Trees

It is important to make sure that you know the ways to help your palm trees thrive. You may need to add some mycorrhizal fungi to your soil to keep your palm trees healthy. Also consider these factors when taking care of your palm trees:

Size: Many types of palm trees can reach 50 feet high. Make sure that the tree is planted in an area where it can reach this height safely without interfering with wires, the tops of buildings and other structures.
Temperature: Palm trees need warm weather. They will not grow well in cold temperatures, and frost will injure them.
Sunlight: Different varieties require varying amounts of sunlight. Some of the palm trees grow well in shady areas, so be sure to ask when you purchase them.
Water: A palm tree needs a sufficient water supply. When it is first planted, it is important to water it frequently.

By caring for your palm trees properly, they will live a long time. Follow the preceding tips, and use them to care for your palm trees to keep them looking the best for a new great outdoor look. If you have other questions about palm trees, contact us!