Treatment for Mole Crickets

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The experts at Superior Sod have uncovered a serious problem in Porter’s Pointe: damaged areas from mole crickets. To verify our suspicions, we sent photos to two other turf specialists.  

Our observations were confirmed.

Widespread Damage

Adult mole crickets are a challenge to eliminate right now. You’ll recognize them if you spot the following:

  • Light grayish brown color
  • Length up to 1.5 inches
  • Wings allowing up to 40 feet of travel

Mole crickets feed during the evening on the roots of untreated Bermuda grass. Here are details about the extensive damage, which they can cause:

  • Initial dead trails between 1 to 2 inches wide
  • Power to destroy up to 2 square yards
  • Ground surface gnawing 1/2 inch down

During this path of destruction, mole crickets will feed on the upper roots and then target the crown area, which kills the turf grass. Our current high heat and drought conditions widen their “kill zone.” During the day, you’ll even find these relentless creatures working their way into:

  • Cooler mulched in garden beds
  • Driveways and sidewalks
  • Soil as far as 6 inches down

Effective Solutions

To stop mole crickets from eating through your lawn and garden, you can use an insecticide now. Our top recommendations are from Farmer Supply on Oleander Drive, which carries Top Shelf and Talstar. The latter is the least expensive and needs a good watering.

Right now, you can’t destroy these devils, but you can slow them down. Next spring, retreat your lawn every 3 weeks starting in mid-March, when the night time temperatures are in the 60 degree range. Then, continue this process through mid-June, and treat your lawn every spring for mole crickets.

Contact Our Experts for More Treatment Advice

Do you have questions about treating mole crickets or the fungus called dollar spot? With 44 years of experience growing specialty crops like turf grass, produce, strawberries, we offer reliable advice. Contact a USDA registered soil scientist who has worked with many farmers to increase their production!

Soil Testing and Disease Control

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With the high temperatures frying lawns to a crisp, you may be searching for ways to deal with brown patches. Some advanced planning may help you avoid these complications. Here are some tips for dealing with lawn problems.

Soil Testing to Pinpoint Problems

Does the dirt in your yard look like clay? Does endless watering still leave you with dry-looking soil? If so, you can improve this situation with soil testing.

Professional analysis of the soil in your yard will help you understand:

  • Deficiencies
  • Characteristics
  • Contents

Without this information, you are literally working in the dark. You can keep knocking yourself out in an effort to grow a healthy-looking lawn. However, you will experience success after learning how to achieve the proper balance.

In addition, you will need to consider external elements including:

  • Air temperature
  • Insects
  • Moisture frequency
  • Timing

When you finally know all of these details, you can apply the correct remedies, based on a professional’s advice.

Disease Control For Warm Season Grasses

In the heat of summer, diseases will present one of the most challenging problems. The following elements encourage these complications:

  • Excess nitrogen
  • High thatch content
  • Increased humidity
  • Moisture
  • Warm temperatures

In our area, brown patch thrives during the summer and early fall months because of these common conditions. How can you get this problem under control?

If you catch the problem early, fungicides like Daconil 2787 or Bayleton will work. However, watch closely for 2- to 3-inch brown patches. When you treat these areas before they get out of control, you may win the damage-control battle. Otherwise, less than healthy grass will be more vulnerable during the cold months.

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Quality Sod to Create Outdoor Living Space

Pic New Sod NurseryWith many homeowners interested in increasing their outdoor living space, quality sod is a key that can make or break this project. For example, some may have struggled for years with stubborn brown patches of lawn. Others feel frustrated because of years battling grass-resistant blocks of dirt.

The experts at Superior Sod & Garden Supplies have a long track record helping customers develop the yard of their dreams. The following are just a few selected examples of these success stories.

Lush Grass Transforms Backyards

One of the most gratifying aspects of helping our customers is receiving their glowing testimonials as well as before-and-after photos. When you take a look at these transformed backyards, you will visually witness the effectiveness of our top-quality sod. If you use our products, you can similarly experience the following benefits:

  • Decreased time struggling with unattractive areas
  • Increased sense of pride in your home
  • Inviting place for your friends and family to gather

Instead of spending hours fighting against nature, you can kick back and enjoy a new outdoor living room. For the best results, take a look at some of our favorite choices.

Value of Sod Suggestions and Detailed Advice

As you can see from our customers’ testimonials, they value our recommendations and guidance for installing sod properly. Our team loves sharing our knowledge and educating others about the best grass varieties including:

  • Empire and Zorro Zoysia: Generally, our vote for the best turf grasses
  • Bermuda (Celebration): Rated #1 by NC State for wear and overall turf quality
  • TifBlair Certified Centipede: Easiest-to-maintain and drought-tolerant selection

Share Your Before-and-After Photos

If you have enjoyed success installing our sod, we would love to share your before-and-after photos. Do you have additional questions about maintaining your outdoor living space? Contact the experts at Superior Sod & Garden Supplies now!