About Us

About Us

Hi. My name is Don Curtis and I started and still own this 40 year old Company.
Our experience and knowledge cannot be duplicated, and you can trust
and count on us.

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I have been involved with turf production (owning my own turf farm – see pictures) since graduating from the University of Maryland earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Turf Grasses, Specialty Crops, and Soils. After graduating in 1974 the oil embargo enabled me to move out to Montana where there were not any turf farms.
By 1976 I was harvesting my first crop of Bluegrass sod after many calls to my old Professors and receiving help – equipment and land wise – from my new neighbors.

Superior Sod

Superior Sod 40 year old sign

The experience of being a grower of sod, gave me the necessary insights to be able to TEACH new customers about how to care for their new sodded lawn, and easily showing the advantages of using sod verses seed. During my 20 years of growing sod in the extremes weather patterns in Kalispell, Montana I learned the critical importance of using the correct cultivars and actually providing my own turf plots for studying which cultivar was right. We ended up with a blend of Bluegrasses that won us the huge project of sodding the University of Montana’s new football stadium in Missoula.We were also selected for many large projects such as building golf courses from scratch, rebuilding and repairing other golf courses, sodding many large scale parks, and sodding a multitude of both commercial and and residential projects.

After years in the business in Montana I was known as the “Sod Father” by my customers and friends and family

Today we  provide our customers with all they need to give them a level of comfort that they know they are receiving the best possible product and the most up-to-date Care Instructions. We always teach our customers how to achieve and maintain a beautiful and enjoyable lawn! We consider our sod as being a LIFE TIME LAWN, AND WE ARE TRULY THE AUTHORITY AND THE EXPERTS!

My right arm today came to me looking for a part time job. I could tell that this man had a wealth of knowledge on most every subject. He was a team player, he worked hard, and had a level of integrity and honesty beyond reproach AND, he was a leader.

Mr. AL Braden (“BIG AL”) has been with me for 10 years. Prior to working with me, Al climbed the career ladder and became the overseer of Merck’s productions and facilities for 37 years, and there he earned a solid reputation for his tenacity and overall excellent performance.

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Today, Al and I run this operation in Ogden, and it is very enjoyable to help our customers in every way we can. We have the tools to do all this, and basically, our daily goal is to make sure your satisfaction far exceeds your expectations.

Located in Ogden-Wilmington, North Carolina

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