Palm Tree Tips to Create a Striking Landscape

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One advantage of our steamy summer is that you continue to plant palm trees. When the high temperatures make you feel like you are in the tropics, you can create a setting for a vacation right in your own backyard. If you can’t afford a getaway to an island, this addition will transport you to the Bahamas without the hassle of getting on a plane!

Favorite Selections for a Tropical Design

Did you know that the summer is actually the best season for planting palms? They thrive under warm and rainy conditions, which will encourage a strong root system. If you are thinking about transplanting a palm, the current climate will allow them to bounce back after relocation.

For those who are looking for selections that will create striking landscape designs, here are some of our favorites:

  • PALMETTO/CABBAGE PALM (Sabal palmetto): This majestic palm is native from North Carolina to the Bahamas, so you will create an authentic island look! A single trunk will grow at a slow to moderate pace, reaching up to 20 to 30 feet. Positioning this variety in full sun and drained soil will reward you with a healthy landscaping accent.
  • PINDO PALM (Butia capitata): If you want a palm with arching leaves and a solid-looking trunk, this one is for you. Older leaf stalks hold up over time, following an overall track record of hardiness, even in hurricanes. Pindo palms like full sun and dry soil, so you can take advantage of these conditions in your yard now!
  • KING SAGO (Cycas revoluta): Although this variety is technically not a palm, we can’t resist offering this recommendation because of its striking appearance. This visually commanding variety, from the Cycas species, can reach 4 to 6 feet in height and grow 6 feet wide. To deal with any leaf burn, you can trim completely during the late spring.

Contact Us About Planting, Watering and Fertilizing Palms

Check out these and other palm tree varieties, and let us know your favorites on our Facebook page. You’ll also find more tips for all of your gardening needs on our YouTube channel. If you have any questions, contact Superior Sod & Garden Supplies now!

Planting Palm Trees to Create a Tropical Oasis: Enjoy Island Time in Your Backyard

When you envision a palm tree, you are instantly transported to a tropical island. Maybe the exotic leaves make you think of sipping a coconut drink near one of your favorite resort beaches. Fortunately, with the climate in Wilmington, N.C., you can actually create the sensation of island time in your own backyard!

Warm Summer Months Ideal for Planting

If you have the urge to plant a palm tree, you can start digging during any time of the year. For the best results, however, the higher temperatures during the summer will help them take root. The upcoming rainy months also allows palms to bounce back if you decide to transplant them during June, July or August.

General Tips for Planting Palm Trees

If you’ve just hauled an exotic palm tree home or had one delivered, are you wondering how to plant it properly? Here are some tips:

  • Plant at ground level, and avoid going too deep.
  • Do not remove the burlap when planting.
  • Be sure to saturate with water every 2 to 3 days, and spray the green top.

More Specific Digging Guidelines

Are you tempted to dig a deep hole for your new palm, thinking that the roots need more room to spread out and get settled? Do you still feel unsure about how deep to plant your palm tree? Here are some specific guidelines:

  • Dig the hole 6 inches beyond the root ball edge. If your current soil does not have good drainage, create a deeper hole, and add a sand gravel mix to avoid water collection.
  • Place the tree in the hole, so that the top of the root ball is even with the ground.
  • Add soil around the root ball while continuing to water as you fill the hole.
  • Get rid of all air pockets, and press sandy soil down firmly.
  • Insert stakes to support larger trees and protect them from wind gusts.

Detailed Watering Schedule

Are you always confused about the extent of watering needed? To help you avoid leaving your new palm tree thirsty or dousing it with love, here is a detailed watering schedule:

  • First month: Water two times every day during the early morning and late afternoon for 1 to 1.5 hours with an automatic drip/injection irrigation system.
  • Second month: Water twice every other day.
  • Third month: Water twice every third day.
  • Fourth month: Water twice every week.

Ideal Time for Fertilization

Once you’ve planted and continued to water your palm tree like clockwork, are you wondering when to fertilize it to keep it healthy all year round? The right time is actually now in early April until late August, so your palm doesn’t sprout new leaves during the cold winter months. Here are our fertilization tips:

  • Choose a slow release fertilizer with an approximate 3:1:3 (NPK) ratio. The ideal selection is a 15:5:15 or a 16:4:8 fertilizer with magnesium, calcium and manganese.
  • Fertilize after 30 days of planting your new palm tree.
  • Fertilize two times a year, and place the granules around the tree root area thoroughly.

Contact Us for More Palm Tree Advice

If you would like to see some of our favorite palm trees, check out our photos. Let us know your favorite picks and if you have questions about selecting the right one. To help your palm trees thrive in your backyard oasis, contact the experts at Superior Sod & Garden Supplies now!

At Superior Sod & Garden Supplies, We Know All About Palm Trees

Palm trees are decorative trees that can spruce up an outdoor yard for an exceptional look. They are gorgeous to look at, and they require the necessary care to keep them looking fresh and healthy. These tips will allow you to keep your palms looking the way they should because here at Superior Sod & Garden Supplies, we are in the business of educating our customers.

Proper Palm Tree Care

Are you interested in caring for your palm trees properly? You have come to the right place because at Superior Sod & Garden Supplies, we take great pride in how we help customers to care for their palm trees in the proper way. Palm trees can decorate your outdoors to give you the superb feeling of the outdoors and beaches, and it is important to make sure they are cared for properly.

Tips for Healthy Palm Trees

It is important to make sure that you know the ways to help your palm trees thrive. You may need to add some mycorrhizal fungi to your soil to keep your palm trees healthy. Also consider these factors when taking care of your palm trees:

Size: Many types of palm trees can reach 50 feet high. Make sure that the tree is planted in an area where it can reach this height safely without interfering with wires, the tops of buildings and other structures.
Temperature: Palm trees need warm weather. They will not grow well in cold temperatures, and frost will injure them.
Sunlight: Different varieties require varying amounts of sunlight. Some of the palm trees grow well in shady areas, so be sure to ask when you purchase them.
Water: A palm tree needs a sufficient water supply. When it is first planted, it is important to water it frequently.

By caring for your palm trees properly, they will live a long time. Follow the preceding tips, and use them to care for your palm trees to keep them looking the best for a new great outdoor look. If you have other questions about palm trees, contact us!

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In the coming months we will be featured on WECT televison and on WECT’s Website. We will be providing information to our customers pertaining to renovating and installing and properly maintaining a sodded lawn.

We are gearing up for a wonderful spring planting season and will have many varieties of sod and a fresh delivery of long leaf pine straw and sable palm trees.
For those that love quality mulch we will also be receiving a large shipment of fresh chocolate mulch and weed free topsoil from Parker Bark.
Come on by and talk with us about your lawn renovation we are here to help!

Fresh Sable Palm Trees

Fresh Sable Palm Trees Have Arrived at Superior Sod.

Now is the time to get a great deal on some fantastic sabal palm trees that we just took delivery of. Come on by our Store on Market Street in Ogden to pick out your favorite specimen to dress up your yard and add curb appeal and value.

unloading Sabal Palms

unloading Sabal Palms

these palm trees will look great in your yard

these palm trees will look great in your yard

Palm tree unloading


This Summer has been a fantastic year for planting new Sod and Sabal Palm Trees!

With all of the generous rain we have received from mother nature this past summer in the Wilmington, North Carolina area on the Carolina coast, it makes for an easy transition for planting and growing SOD and PALM TREES.

We have been receiving many calls and letters from very happy customers that have come to us for our plethora of wonderful sod varieties and numerous fresh palm trees. They have been reporting 100 percent success with planting and installation throughout this past summer. This is a marked difference in what we experienced in this area last year when we were on the verge of drought.

To assist customers that are thinking about renovating thier yards please come and see us by August 30th and mention this blog post and receive a free bag of fertilizer with the purchase of at least 3 pallets of sod.

Please note that dormant sodding and planting palm trees from September through February is an ideal environment to spruce up an old yard. We invite you to come to our location at 7340 Market Street in Ogden behind the ReStore, to see all of the sod varieties as well as our wide selection of winter hardy palms.

Check back with us to see our upcoming video about fairy ring and other greass diseases.

Also we will be posting information about the best times to fertilize and apply pre-emergent weed control so that you can have the best yard in your neighborhood.

This lovely lawn was just planted  4 weeks ago in Wilmington

This lovely lawn was just planted 4 weeks ago in Wilmington

Al s side Empire yard

Got old tired grass? Come visit us for new Sod!

Zorro Zoysia

A Beautiful Stand of Palms and lovely Zorro Zoysia Lawn can be yours with our help!

Palm Trees

We have a great selcetion of beautiful palm trees



New Spring 2013 Arrival of Sabal Palm Trees!

Sable Palms at Superior Sod in Wilmington

Spring Arrival Sable Palms from 8 ft to 15 ft , booted and slick!

This wonderful species of Sabal Palm Trees is native to North Carolina, on Bald Head Island you can find them six to 8 feet tall. Bringing these specimens in from from Florida allows us to provide you with a quality Sabal Palm anywhere from 4 foot to 30 foot tall.

Call us at 910-443-0596 (Big Al) to select what you would like to make your landscaping truly magnificient and we will arrange for the installation.  Prices start at $160.


We are receiving yet another load of 40 freshly harvested Sabal Palmettos on Monday AM (9/27/12)

Hi everyone we are receiving yet another load of 40 freshly harvested Sabal Palmettos on Monday AM (9/27/12).  They will range in heights from 9′ to 14′ and will be either slick or booted. Our quality has been well discovered!
It is ALSO a very fine time to be planting palms, AND, all our grass cultivars from February through mid December. Our website contains a well written article on installing dormant sod and all the benefits that this procedure has.

Come to Superior Sod on Friday July 20 and watch the Palm Trees get unloaded

On Friday we are getting a delivery of 40 Palmetto palm trees  we will have sizes     8 foot to 14 foot. These palm trees will look great in your yard and they will go fast  so come on in a get a few for your landscape.

come on in and get a palm tree

Palmetto Palm Trees being delivered to our growing center in Wilmington North Carolina

Come to Superior Sod for the best Palm Trees

New fresh Palm Trees arriving in Wilmington this week!

Because of the many calls we have received and the desire to have magnificent palm trees installed we have purchased a truck load of Palmetto Palms that are on their way to Superior Sod in Wilmington. We will let you know as soon as they arrive at our Market Street location in Wilmington.

This is a great time to purchase these beautiful specimens please call us to reserve or stop by our Center on Market Street to pick one or several out for your property!

Palmetto Palm Trees being delivered to our growing center in Wilmington North Carolina