Is Your Lawn Ready for Spring?

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Homeowners looking for Spring lawn care tips have come to the right place. Summertime is one of the most difficult times of the year for our lawns. Spring’s lush, green grass has gone and been replaced by dry, half-dead lawns. So how do you make the most of your lawn and help it make it through the summer before the Spring months?

Here are five lawn care tips to help you do just that:

Avoid the urge to cut the grass too short. When you are approaching summer but still putting up with the rainy season, it can be very tempting to cut that grass as short as possible. After all, the rain makes it seem to grow a foot in two days! But as summer approaches, make sure that you adjust the height of your mower blades. They should leave your lawn at least three inches tall or maybe even taller than that. Lawns that are kept at taller heights can grow their roots more deeply than those that are kept exceptionally short. Consequently, lawns that are not cut as short will dry out more slowly because their roots are longer and give them access to water that is further and further under the ground.

 Be consistent with your lawn care practices. One issue some homeowners have is the fact that they wait until their lawns have died off and then start watering them so that they will turn green again. This simply creates too much activity for your grass. If you want it to stay green and lush all year long, then make sure that you are committed to watering it as much as it needs to be. Of course it may be nearly impossible to keep your lawn green, and if so, you just need to accept this and let the lawn go dormant until a more favorable season rolls around.

 Don’t forget that your lawn still needs water, even if you have allowed it to go dormant. Water the lawn early in the day and let it soak down deep into your soil. Dormant lawns only need about a half inch of water every two or three weeks to keep them alive. If you keep up your watering rates like this over the summer, you should see instant renewal when the fall rolls around.

 Keep certain lawn care practices to the end of the summer. Weed killers are best used between late August and early September. Also, tasks like thatching, seeding and fertilizing should be saved for this same time frame.

 Try to keep the traffic on your lawn to a minimum during the summer months. These are the times when your grass needs a break, and any traffic on it is going to make it that much more difficult for it to recover when the fall finally rolls around.

Even when your lawn is lying dormant, you still need to take proper care of it, and by following the above tips, you are sure to be one of the first homeowners with a nicely trimmed lawn when fall does arrive. Just focus on the basics over the summer and let your lawn get the rest that it needs.

Is your yard ready for Santa?

40282427 - a colonial house with a lot of christmas lightsWhen it comes to preparing your yard for the upcoming holiday season, would Santa say you’ve been naughty…or nice?
If you’ve been naughty, don’t despair–

It’s never too late to get your lawn back into healthy, vibrant shape for winter, and Superior Sod & Garden can show you how. They can help put the “Hoe Hoe Hoe” back into your dreary yard, just in time for the Season!
Whether it’s the end of summer blues, or the general busyness of our lives, it is typical to find ourselves preoccupied with fall activities that distract us from lawn care. School, work, preparation for winter festivities are yearly events that can wreak havoc on normal gardening routines.
Lawns that were a “fright ” at Halloween, now need serious attention for the festive months to come. But at Superior Sod & Garden, there is no lawn too “monstrous” for our expert services, and it’s never too late in the year to get the eye catching lawn you desire.The mild climate here lends to year round renovation possibilities for damaged or unhealthy grasses. Sod is always a popular remedy for many who need an established lawn in a hurry…Empire Zoysia is a wonderful choice–both hardy and gorgeous!
If you’ve been “Nice”….
Already have an established and manicured demesne? Then it’s a perfect time to winterize trees and shrubs with our premium Long Leaf Pine Straw. Our Long Leaf Pine Straw comes from a local supplier, so we can guarantee its freshness!
We order 250-300 bales every 3-4 days, which means you are guaranteed the best Long Leaf Pine Straw around! Long Leaf Pine Straw at the big box stores turns brown as a natural decaying process. Ours is naturally red and healthy, and offers a great insulation against coming winter cold.
And, don’t forget bulbs–not the ones on your Christmas tree, but the ones in the ground. A nice mulch of Long Leaf Pine Straw keeps them cozy till spring! Long Leaf Pine Straw also benefits by enhancing otherwise dormant areas of color with a beautiful red hue which creates splendid eye appeal to your property.
So, whether you need quick lawn repair, or winter protection for existing greenery, Superior Sod & Garden should be on your Santa’s list of shopping destinations. The folks there will work as hard as elves to help you attain the yard you desire….whether you’ve been naughty or nice!
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Ways to Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Whether or not you are selling your home or just maintaining a household, curb appeal is important. Curb appeal is a phrase used to describe a positive looking yard, home, and generally “walking up” area.

The main advice is plant some bright flowers, paint the shutters, and repave that walkway. There are some additional actions that we can take, however, to ensure the beautiful longevity of curb appeal that go deeper than the surface.

Red Pine Straw

Pine Straw is used most commonly in colder environments because of its effectiveness in keeping root systems much warmer than your average mulch. It also prevents most varieties of weeds.

The acidic level of pine straw is what makes it so perfect for most gardening and yard situations. It matches that of rain water to keep plants thriving. It doesn’t blow away in the wind (especially if the needles are long) and can be applied at different depths for different sized plants.

The practical applications of pine straw are clear, but what does this plant loving mulch have to with curb appeal?

Most pine straw is used to enrich soil and has a deep brown color but is not often considered decorative. “Slash” pine is short and plentiful, but there is a more beautiful pine straw that can change the way your yard looks and feels.

Long Leaf Pine is a little longer than your average “slash” and is much more red in color. It is not bright red like a red colored mulch, but has a gorgeous red-brown color that its shorter counterpart does not.


The grass is the pride of any yard and is often the first thing people see about your property. There is no way to get around happy, healthy grass when it comes to curb appeal.

If you are not familiar with sod, it is the grass meets ground solution for a yard that needs a little help. It can take a complete disaster of a yard, or just a place that needs a little help, and give it a fresh start.


Whether or not the grass starts out as sod, fertilization is very important for the health of the lawn. A good looking yard starts with happy healthy grass that is well fed. Late in the Spring you should make your first round of fertilizer and then another in the late summer.

The care of the yard as a whole is very important. The entire property sits on the foundation that your lawn provides. While it may seem tedious, every step you take toward a better looking lawn makes all the difference.

When working towards improving curb appeal, it is important to remember that beauty goes deeper than the surface.

Fall Topsoil and Sod Installation Projects

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If you’re like many gardeners, you’ve been trying to wrestle down the overgrowth of the last hothouse months. Tangled vines may be strangling your late-flowering crepe myrtle. The Sweet William ground cover, which you intended to contain, may have run over your entire yard!

As you yank at dead branches and pull out stubborn weeds, you may finally find a clearing for fresh planting. One catch: the dirt at your feet looks like unwelcoming clay.

Rich Topsoil for Planting Bulbs

Have you always wanted an entire field filled with daffodils and tulips? Do you love the blanket effect of densely planted flowers? Once you clear a sizable space, you can plant bulbs to your heart’s content!

Here are some of the advantages of purchasing topsoil for your garden now:

  • You will help protect and nourish bulbs, so they can take root quickly.
  • You can save a bundle on large quantities needed for massive projects.
  • You will get a jump on the springtime by taking steps to prepare a season ahead.

Plenty of Time for Sod Installation

After you’ve yanked at unruly weeds, you may have torn up more grass than intended. When you step back and survey the damage, do you find yourself searching for an immediate remedy? We have a simple solution: sod installation!

Now that you’ve done the hard work of clearing space in your yard, you have plenty of time for sod installation. Many homeowners complete this project through October. You can even install sod in the winter.

For dormant sod installation without any green leaf tissue, one important point is to keep the sod pad moist. Our rainfalls will help during this phase, so that’s a reason to rethink gray days when you can’t go outside and sink your hands in the earth.

Contact Us About Topsoil and Sod Installation

Would you like to schedule delivery of bulk topsoil for large bulb-planting projects? Do you have questions about sod installation during the fall and winter? Contact us!

Simple Reason for Growth: TRUST!

Harvesting Sod

Growing grass and planting palm trees require acts of faith. You put the necessary elements in place and hope that a good watering will deliver healthy growth. With quality products and expert guidance, your investment will literally multiple!

Decades of Hands-On Experience

At Superior Sod, we want to share nearly 50 years of knowledge. Customers know that they can depend on us because of our hands-on experience with right type of sod for our region. In particular, they rely on our expertise in:

  • Production
  • Harvesting
  • Distribution

In addition, they know that we are experts who have personally grown, studied and distributed high-quality turfs.

Respected Connections and Credentials

Our long history with satisfied customers has also grown over the years. We have gained their respect because of our strong connections with:

  • Three major agricultural university systems
  • Local arboretums
  • Extension services

With a 4-year bachelor of science degree in turf and soil sciences, we have worked hard to earn the title of “lawn renovation specialists.”

Large Projects, Awards and Testimonials

Our work generally speaks for itself, showing that we can handle all types of projects. Some of the large ones involving truckloads of sod have included:

  • A major university football stadium
  • Several parks
  • 18-hole golf courses

For the past seven years, the Arboretum in Wilmington, N.C., has honored us with the “BEST IN EDUCATION” Award. We also take pride in your testimonials including:

  • Quality customer service
  • Helpful and entertaining assistance
  • Fair prices for quality products
  • Early-morning telephone help
  • Educational information

Contact Us for Further Growth

At Superior Sod, we genuinely want our customers to have the best results. For us, healthy grass is a way of spreading prosperity throughout our community. Lush greenery is a symbol of vitality around every corner in our region.

For further growth, contact Superior Sod & Garden Supplies today!

The Fall Army Worm – BE WATCHING!!

Fall Armyworm
The Fall Army Worm is a serious threat to turf grasses, especially, during the months of July, August, and September. This problematic insect while in their moth-like adult stage tends to search out Bermudagrass, as it migrates northward from Florida and the Gulf States. Please note that that does not mean that other turf grasses won’t be effected. By June these moths begin to arrive in North Carolina with each female moth laying up to 1,000 eggs in masses of 50 or more.
The larval stage of a Fall Army Worm grows up to 1.5 inches long and greenish with blackish stripes along each side and down the center of it’s back. It also has a very distinct inverted “Y” on its head. Each larval generation feed in mass for two to three weeks and feed nocturnally. They leave large circular to irregular whitish patches, where the leaves have been skeletonized and chewed down into the crown region of each turf grass plant. 
Understanding the Fall Army Worm’s life cycle is important in order to apply the appropriate control when the insect is most vulnerable. During the larval stage of the Fall Army Worm is the most effective and vulnerable time to have maximum control. The use of a contact – type Insecticide like Telstar can be used if the infestation is low, but a Systemic Insecticide – Aceletryn – has the most effective control of 60 to 90 days.
It is important that every effort is made to observe and identify the Fall Army Worm Moth that flys in during the month of June. During the months of July through September it is critical that a vigilant eye has a watch on the development of this larval stage, and treat immediately. And, know that other mass generations will probably be occurring soon thereafter. Treatment of a broader area of turf grass (such as a turf farm field, golf courses, athletic fields, or even entire neighborhoods) needs to be with a Systemic Insecticide.
A reputable turf farm would never be carrying the eggs or larvae of an Army Worm. The loss of a field due to an Army Worm infestation would be a disastrous loss. It is far less expensive to pre-treat their fields. All of the Turf Farms that we are associated with are Professional, and actually pre-treat their fields preventing any Army Worm egg from surviving.
For more information or assistance with a Army Worm problem, contact us today! 


3 Key Guidelines for Sod Care

To help you get the best sod results, we have developed a distinctive customer care sheet with detailed guidelines. Here are some of the key points:

  • Watering: If you are guilty of under- or over-watering your lawn, our experts can help you develop the right approach. When sod is initially installed, simply maintain moisture by watering every day until the sod comes together. During the warm summer months, this may require up to 2 weeks. Also note that the ideal time to water is between 5 and 10 a.m.  A 10-minute watering session during particularly hot afternoons may add necessary moisture. Plan to water your lawn every other day, before shifting to every third day and then longer. Then, schedule a 40-minute watering session.
  • Mowing: One important tip for  mowing is to avoid cutting more than one third of the grass blade. When you mow with greater frequency, you will end up encouraging root growth and a thicker lawn. Even if it’s only a week after your sod installation, take out the lawn mower whenever needed. To avoid tearing grass blades and making them vulnerable to insects as well as diseases, be sure to keep your mower blades sharp.
  • Fertilization: One great advantage of living in our area is that you can get a free soil analysis from the NC Extension Service. These findings will help you identify the nutrient levels of your soils and the pH. Then, you can pick the right fertilizer for your sod. A general guideline is to use a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer with iron, which will improve the green color.  

Contact Us With Questions About Sod Care 

Would you like to read the rest of our detailed sod care instructions? After you take a look at these, let us know if you have any questions. Contact Big Al and our other experts at Superior Sod & Garden Supplies now!

Empire Zoysia: Top Grass Choice for Wilmington, NC

As an authorized grower and dealer of Empire Zoysia, we wanted to explain why this grass has been our top selection for many years. With a commitment to educating our customers, our experts want to share this knowledge, so you can make the best choice for your yard. We know that it can be confusing to stand in front of shelves of bags packed with different varieties, so these tips should simplify this decision for you!

Zoysia Varieties and Test Sites

Why has Empire Zoysia, originally developed in Brazil, been our grass of choice for years? This hardy selection can withstand the problems that knock out the other varieties in our area. Zoysia varieties include:

  • Crown
  • Zenith
  • JaMur
  • Meyers

To verify the hardiness of Zoysia, you can also take a look at the results from the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program. You can learn about 28 test sites in the United States, and one of them is located at NC State in Raleigh.

Benefits of Top Grass Choice

Producing outstanding results, Empire Turf is a Zoysia variety that offers many advantages over other options. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Soft feeling
  • Lush green color
  • Fine, tight blade growth

If you want to create an aesthetically pleasing landscape, this grass is the one for you! Here are some other reasons that homeowners and property managers pick Empire Turf to enhance the visual appeal of their properties:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Environmentally-friendly choice
  • Cost savings

You’ll also find that this strong grass with a deep, thick root structure will hold up against drought conditions better than other varieties. This grass grows at a slower rate and will resist chinch bug and chemicals, cutting down on mowing and irrigation. During a hurricane, with flooding and saltwater inundation, Empire Zoysia has continued to thrive even after a week under water!

Contact Us to Learn More About the Top Grass Choice

Would you like to learn more about our number 1 grass choice? Check out our video about Empire Turf Summer Maintenance. If you have more questions about the best grass varieties for Wilmington, NC, contact Superior Sod & Garden Supplies now.

3 Tips for Creating a Welcoming Entrance With a Healthy Lawn

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During the summer months, when you have outdoor garden parties, you want to create a “wow” factor when visitors arrive. The minute guests land at the bottom of your front steps, they will quickly scan the appearance of your front lawn. Like many aspects of your home that may have started to deteriorate over the years, you may have turned a blind eye to the condition of your lawn.

Ground-Level Appearance

If you want to convey a genuine “Welcome!” to anyone who visits your home, here are some tips for starting at the ground level with a healthy lawn.

  1. Create a grand, sweeping entrance: Would you like to create the effect of a grand, sweeping entrance, as visitors walk up to your front door? The secret for creating this type of impact is placing large sections of fresh sod without any interrupting lines. Similar to the open concept, which is popular in the interior of many homes, you want to create sight lines that are free of “clutter.”
  2. Follow curves framing winding walkways: To soften the look of straight edges, many homeowners favor a gently winding path as their preferred entryway. Cutting healthy sod to follow and frame these curves precisely creates a striking appearance, which will stand out on your block.
  3. Wrap flower beds and tree bases: If you want to maintain expansive views of your great-looking lawn, your flower beds and trees are probably forming interesting shapes close to your house. For the most dramatic impact, cut new sod in clean lines around these areas to achieve a completely manicured look.


Contact Us for Top-Quality Sod  

Like any project, the quality of the materials that you use determines the final results. The name of our company captures our desire to help you achieve the ultimate look at your home. Contact Superior Sod & Garden Supplies, so you can welcome your visitors with a lush-looking lawn now!

Battle Against Weeds: Top Tips for Control and Elimination


When you walk or drive through your neighborhood, other lawns seem perfectly manicured and entirely weed free. The healthy ones look like beautiful green carpets without a single imperfection. Beyond the visual appeal, these yards convey the following:

  • Homeowners’ time, effort and pride
  • Desire to create an inviting community
  • Ability to master the “secrets” of effective gardening

Your bad back and schedule don’t allow you to get down on knees to pull out all of the weeds ruling your lawn. However, you still want the same lush results, right? Here are some tips to help you achieve the same look as your neighbors’!

Lawn Experts’ Weed Elimination Advice

When you’re a gardener, weeds can work your last nerve. After you spend time planting colorful flowers, weeds can pop up in the middle of a bed and wrap themselves around the bright blooms. If the weeds become entangled, they can even start to cut off the new flowers.

To help you eliminate weeds, here are some tips from our lawn experts:

  • When re-sodding an area, remove the existing lawn or plants in this section to decrease the growth of weeds and weed grasses in your new lawn.
  • Take the time to pull out all of the weeds at the root level to avoid a reappearance.  
  • Installation of a healthy lawn is the most promising way to stop weeds in your new grass.
  • Mowing your new lawn will help sod come together and prevent weeds from popping up through open areas.
  • Avoid using herbicides for 2 months after installing sod and identify the weed first.

Recommendations for Weed Control

If dreaded weeds still turn up, here are recommendations to stop them short in their tracks:

  • Trimec is used on all warm-weather grasses to control of broadleaf-type weeds.
  • Image and Manage is suggested for Nutsedge.

The following are recommended for Crabgrass control:

  • Centipede  - Vantage
  • St. Augustine – Asulox
  • Zoysias – MSMA or Acclaim
  • Bermudas – MSMA

Contact Us for Help With Weed Control and Elimination

Working with Superior Sod can help you create a lawn like the ones in these photos. Check them out, and let us know your favorites on our Twitter and Facebook pages. If you have any questions, call Superior Sod & Garden Supplies now.