Fall Topsoil and Sod Installation Projects

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If you’re like many gardeners, you’ve been trying to wrestle down the overgrowth of the last hothouse months. Tangled vines may be strangling your late-flowering crepe myrtle. The Sweet William ground cover, which you intended to contain, may have run over your entire yard!

As you yank at dead branches and pull out stubborn weeds, you may finally find a clearing for fresh planting. One catch: the dirt at your feet looks like unwelcoming clay.

Rich Topsoil for Planting Bulbs

Have you always wanted an entire field filled with daffodils and tulips? Do you love the blanket effect of densely planted flowers? Once you clear a sizable space, you can plant bulbs to your heart’s content!

Here are some of the advantages of purchasing topsoil for your garden now:

  • You will help protect and nourish bulbs, so they can take root quickly.
  • You can save a bundle on large quantities needed for massive projects.
  • You will get a jump on the springtime by taking steps to prepare a season ahead.

Plenty of Time for Sod Installation

After you’ve yanked at unruly weeds, you may have torn up more grass than intended. When you step back and survey the damage, do you find yourself searching for an immediate remedy? We have a simple solution: sod installation!

Now that you’ve done the hard work of clearing space in your yard, you have plenty of time for sod installation. Many homeowners complete this project through October. You can even install sod in the winter.

For dormant sod installation without any green leaf tissue, one important point is to keep the sod pad moist. Our rainfalls will help during this phase, so that’s a reason to rethink gray days when you can’t go outside and sink your hands in the earth.

Contact Us About Topsoil and Sod Installation

Would you like to schedule delivery of bulk topsoil for large bulb-planting projects? Do you have questions about sod installation during the fall and winter? Contact us!

Save Money on Premium Topsoil

During the fall, you may want to tackle some outdoor home-improvement projects before the winter takes hold. Maybe you need to create a level path up your steep front lawn, so an elderly relative has wheelchair access to your home. For years, you may have wanted to install a shed for all of your gardening tools and supplies and decided that the time has finally arrived.

The good news is that you are finally taking care of overdue projects. However, as you dig up your landscape to accommodate these new elements, you may need to fill in and level off areas with topsoil. If you take care of this step now, you will have a jump-start on the next planting season!

Popular Topsoil Blend

At Superior Sod and Garden Supplies, we love to share titles and applaud partners who produce outstanding products. Without a doubt, we think that the highest-quality topsoil is the one that we carry exclusively from Parker Bark. If Big Al is the “Father of Sod” with 40 years of experience, then Mr. Parker is a good match as the “Father of Topsoil” who has continually created premium products for more than 25 years on 50 acres.

Magic Blend

The Parker Bark Topsoil is a perfect blend because of the following:

  • Certified compost mix including 15% turkey compost as well as a finely screened combination of black dirt and sand
  • Product is heated to make his topsoil WEED-SEED-FREE!!
  • Blend drains well with the inclusion of sand
  • Organic matter providing the ideal amount of moisture and nutrient retention

Additional Projects to Plan

After you finish your outdoor home-improvement projects, you can also start to prepare for others. Most gardeners need to do the reverse countdown back to spring and stay busy in the interim. Here are a few other projects requiring topsoil, and you can start to lay the groundwork now:

  • New lawns
  • Garden beds
  • Additional trees

Stop by or Schedule a Delivery

If you enjoy scooping up your own topsoil, you can fill your own buckets, or we can load your pickup or trailer with any amount needed. Remember, you can save a bundle when you buy in bulk. Think about all of your projects, and take advantage of large quantities of high-quality topsoil to enrich your landscape now.

To schedule a delivery of topsoil, contact us today!