Consider Saint Augustine Sod for your new lawn

Consider Saint Augustine Sod for your spring lawn renovation.
You may have a Ten to Twenty year old lawn that is looking very tired and thin, and may have disease or fungus or has been invaded by mole crickets or perhaps chinch bugs or fire ants.
Your lawn could also be having problems because of trees in your yard that are providing a lot of shade which makes it difficult for many southern grasses to have sustained healthy growth and a strong root foundation.

Well there is a solution for these problems and that is to kill off your old lawn and install fresh Saint Augustine Sod from Superior Sod you will be pleasantly surprised with how beautiful your yard will look after spending a reasonable amount of money which will also increase your property value.

You can do this and we are here to help!

Renovate your Yard

Look for our upcoming commercials on WECT TV in Wilmington

In the coming months we will be featured on WECT televison and on WECT’s Website. We will be providing information to our customers pertaining to renovating and installing and properly maintaining a sodded lawn.

We are gearing up for a wonderful spring planting season and will have many varieties of sod and a fresh delivery of long leaf pine straw and sable palm trees.
For those that love quality mulch we will also be receiving a large shipment of fresh chocolate mulch and weed free topsoil from Parker Bark.
Come on by and talk with us about your lawn renovation we are here to help!

Our customers are loving their new Empire Zoysia Lawns!

I have been buying sod from Don and Al for close to twenty years. Over that span I have found Don and Al and the entire Superior Sod crew to be professional in all aspects of turf sales. I know that these two fine gentlemen will always do everything they can to provide me the sod I need when I need it. Look no further. You have found your sod supplier for Southeastern North Carolina!


Ryan Wells told us that he was very grateful for our suggestions and thorough advice.    He is thrilled with his new lawn. His pictures show how well he prepared his soil prior to installing his new Empire and the finished product.This is the first lawn he ever installed.

20130531_161102 20130624_071000


My new back yard

My Beautiful Lawn”  was sent to us by Glynda  Patemotte .   She is extremely pleased with changing out her old grass and weeds to our Empire Zoysia.   This lawn is 2 weeks old.


Autumn is upon us, we have advice for your lawn

Hi folks we are wanting everyone to know that sodding in the fall and through the winter is very fine. The sods will knit down until the soil temperature reaches a low of 47 degrees. It will require many cold nights for our soils here in Southeastern NC to reach that temperature. And even after that you can lay totally dormant sod (there is root activity) on soils that are even frozen. The sod will simply lay there – stopping the mud and dust from coming in your home and stopping any erosion. By mid April, the dormant sods will “wake up” and start showing new leaf growth. This is the time to fertilize as well. Do NOT apply a pre-emergent fertilizer for weeds until the following fall. Mowing will remove most winter time annuals and spring time weeds.

New Truck Load of Fresh Sod Has Arrived

Today we just got a big Truck load of fresh sod delivered to our store here on Market Street in Wilmington, North Carolina. We are also well stocked with beautiful palm trees and fertilizer. The weekend weather is going to be great to get out and out down some new sod so please come on in and don’t forget to print out the coupon below for some great savings! Hurry in before the end of July!


July Coupon for Sod Click to download and print


The Superior Sod Website

Hi folks we have migrated our old website over to this new website please book mark this website as we will be continually adding new and relevant content to help you with your grass and turf and sod management.