Without fertilizer your grass will not grow to its fullest potential. Also very important is to know the right type of fertilizer and when and how much to apply.

We are experts in knowing the correct nutrients for all of the grasses that grow here in North Carolina. Unlike going to a big box store and picking up a bag of the national brand which in all probability is not chemically correct for this area, we have custom fertilizer formulations that are priced right and will give your grass the proper nutrients. This will help reduce disease and insects and make your lawn more enjoyable.

A ratio of 1:2:3 (NPK) or a similar ratio is needed for Centipede to grow at it best potential to avoid issues and problems with diseases (Brown Patch and Large Patch), Centipede Decline, winter injury or even winter kill.


A ratio of 3:1:2 provides a moderate amount of Nitrogen for all other warm  season grasses such as : Raleigh Saint Augustine, Empire and Zorro Zoysias, and the Bermuda grass cultivars. Always remember to opt for less Nitrogen to achieve the best results.

The use of Iron-NOT Nitrogen- for greenup is highly recommended!

Use the Correct fertilizer for your lawn

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