Fresh Pine Straw

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It is difficult to find a quality minded and consistent supplier of Long Leaf Pine Straw, but we certainly have been gifted with the BEST. His name is Sergio. Our supplier is working with us on an “as needed/call basis” and they will deliver FRESH bales the same day we call him. We are storing his Long Leaf Pine straw inside one of our shop bays and off the floor where wetness may occur. This will keep our Long Leaf Pine Straw Bales dry and totally free from inclement weather, and there is the important element where we have the benefit of cooling air movement in all our shop bays. This new approach of receiving  250 – 300 fresh bales every 3 or 4 days has many advantages. In the past we would have to order a van load of 1,300 bales. This old technique is still used by the Big Box Stores.Their bales age quickly and a greying discoloration occurs due to the intense heat that builds up inside the van, any moisture speeds this decaying process, and simply the time it sits and takes to sell 1,300 bales