Good Things Happening at Superior Sod

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Spring is here after a long, unrelenting winter, but we all have to
take what Mother Nature gives us in stride.

We are moving forward and good things are happening:
1. We at Superior Sod and Garden Supplies will have a full rack
of Sabal Palms by the first week in April. These will range in height
from 5′ to 14′ tall – mostly full booted, but we will also carry Slick
2.  We already have over 1,000 Bales of Long Leaf Pine Straw
under our newly built Pine Straw Shed that keeps our Long Leaf Pine
Straw fresh, dry, and maintains it’s nice reddish color. It goes fast,
because people know our Long Leaf Pinestraw Bales are larger than our
competitors, and does NOT have the trash of leaves and twigs that you
have to cull.
3.  And, we have our 2 fertilizers in and under cover – these 2
fertilizers are RIGHT for whatever your particular Southern Warm
Season Grass is.  We have 5:5:15 and !6:4:2 in 50 lb. bags.
We are, by far, much less expensive than the box stores, as their
fertilizers come in tiny 20 lb. bags, but they sell them at the same
price as our 50# bags. And just a note; it is too early to fertilize
now. Please wait until the soils warms up and your grass is turning
green. When applying fertilizer too early the roots will not take up
the nutrients you are trying to feed.  And finally for another
important point, Centipede does NOT like Nitrogen. The fertilizer for
Centipede should always have no more than 5% Nitrogen. It is best to
purchase fertilizer with Iron already mixed in. Our two fertilizers have Iron already incorporated.