TOPSOIL : We carry premium topsoils from Parker Bark.  Our most popular topsoil blend is produced by Mr. Parker, located in Rose Hill, NC.  Their website is

(If you need the best Topsoil call us now we can deliver!  910-686-5296 or                                          910-443-0596)

Mr. Parker is the true “Father” of topsoil and has been producing and bettering his products for over 25 years. His operation is located in Rose Hill, NC and consists of 50 acres for production. The Parker Bark Topsoil is a perfect blend that consists of using a Certified Compost mix which includes 15% turkey compost, and a finely screened mix of black dirt and sand. This product is than heated to make his topsoil WEED-SEED-FREE!! This blend drains well with the incorporation of sand, and with the added Certified Blend of Composts there is plenty of Organic Matter which provides for the right amount of moisture and nutrient holding capacity.

All of the processes involved are very important when using a “TOP-OF-THE-LINE” topsoil for your new lawn, for top dressing, or forming new garden beds. Your results and satisfaction will be greatly enhanced!

****There is no topsoil blend anywhere that equals what Mr. Parker and his staff produces****, and, we are very pleased to be connected to Parker Bark. They are our exclusive suppliers! We maintain a large supply of his topsoil. We will be happy to deliver his topsoil products to your home or project, or you can come by our farm terminal in Ogden. There we will load your pickup or trailer up with whatever amount you require even if it is just a 5 gallon bucket .

Please remember that buying bulk is far less expensive than purchasing the product in a bag. A cubic yard of bulk topsoil yields 27 cubic feet. What does a 2 cubic bag cost?

 **There is no topsoil blend anywhere that equals what Mr. Parker and his staff produces****.  And we are happy to deliver this to your home or project, or you can come by and we load your pickup or trailer up. 

Parker Premium Topsoil


His topsoil blend is the best I have ever seen. It is a black and well drained soil, has a high organic content, and you won’t have any weed problems with his soil: It is weed-seed free.  

This topsoil is great for building your raised garden beds, or adding to your soil to your lawn base if it need improving or filling in.

Many customers come by our Ogden terminal for amounts varying from a hand held bucket to a heaping bucket load with our Bobcat and even up to 20 cubic yards. We can deliver our topsoil blend, or you are also welcome to come and load up any amount you require.

Mulch and Topsoil

Parker topsoil is our provider of the finest topsoil

Picture of Jamie – a long time driver for Parker Bark (  just delivered 40 Cubic Yards to Superior Sod and Garden Supply