Planting Palm Trees to Create a Tropical Oasis: Enjoy Island Time in Your Backyard

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When you envision a palm tree, you are instantly transported to a tropical island. Maybe the exotic leaves make you think of sipping a coconut drink near one of your favorite resort beaches. Fortunately, with the climate in Wilmington, N.C., you can actually create the sensation of island time in your own backyard!

Warm Summer Months Ideal for Planting

If you have the urge to plant a palm tree, you can start digging during any time of the year. For the best results, however, the higher temperatures during the summer will help them take root. The upcoming rainy months also allows palms to bounce back if you decide to transplant them during June, July or August.

General Tips for Planting Palm Trees

If you’ve just hauled an exotic palm tree home or had one delivered, are you wondering how to plant it properly? Here are some tips:

  • Plant at ground level, and avoid going too deep.
  • Do not remove the burlap when planting.
  • Be sure to saturate with water every 2 to 3 days, and spray the green top.

More Specific Digging Guidelines

Are you tempted to dig a deep hole for your new palm, thinking that the roots need more room to spread out and get settled? Do you still feel unsure about how deep to plant your palm tree? Here are some specific guidelines:

  • Dig the hole 6 inches beyond the root ball edge. If your current soil does not have good drainage, create a deeper hole, and add a sand gravel mix to avoid water collection.
  • Place the tree in the hole, so that the top of the root ball is even with the ground.
  • Add soil around the root ball while continuing to water as you fill the hole.
  • Get rid of all air pockets, and press sandy soil down firmly.
  • Insert stakes to support larger trees and protect them from wind gusts.

Detailed Watering Schedule

Are you always confused about the extent of watering needed? To help you avoid leaving your new palm tree thirsty or dousing it with love, here is a detailed watering schedule:

  • First month: Water two times every day during the early morning and late afternoon for 1 to 1.5 hours with an automatic drip/injection irrigation system.
  • Second month: Water twice every other day.
  • Third month: Water twice every third day.
  • Fourth month: Water twice every week.

Ideal Time for Fertilization

Once you’ve planted and continued to water your palm tree like clockwork, are you wondering when to fertilize it to keep it healthy all year round? The right time is actually now in early April until late August, so your palm doesn’t sprout new leaves during the cold winter months. Here are our fertilization tips:

  • Choose a slow release fertilizer with an approximate 3:1:3 (NPK) ratio. The ideal selection is a 15:5:15 or a 16:4:8 fertilizer with magnesium, calcium and manganese.
  • Fertilize after 30 days of planting your new palm tree.
  • Fertilize two times a year, and place the granules around the tree root area thoroughly.

Contact Us for More Palm Tree Advice

If you would like to see some of our favorite palm trees, check out our photos. Let us know your favorite picks and if you have questions about selecting the right one. To help your palm trees thrive in your backyard oasis, contact the experts at Superior Sod & Garden Supplies now!