Best Time to Re-Sod Your Yard

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Have you been sitting out on your porch, feeling forlorn about your heat-scorched grass? Around this point in the gardening season, do you feel stuck about how to proceed? If you are wondering if you can remedy the problem and re-sod during the intense heat, the answer is: Yes!

Benefits of Plan to Re-Sod Now

Some homeowners may think that we are in a no-planting zone because of the intense heat. With 40 years of experience, the experts at Superior Sod & Gardening Supplies can produce outstanding results anytime during the year! If you are disappointed because your entire garden has literally gone to seed, now would be a perfect time for new grass installation.

Here are some of the advantages of planting sod immediately:

  • Extend the season for your enjoyment outdoors
  • Property enhancement for activities during the upcoming months
  • Easy way to create positive surroundings for family, neighbors and visitors

Tips for Successful Sod Installation

At Superior Sod and Gardening Supplies, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure a successful sod installation at any point during the year. One important key is proper preparation, which our team will ensure. We often recommend Zoysia grasses, which are easy to take care of and resist brown patch.

Big Al made this choice for his own yard, which delivered great results after installation during the winter. By spring, the grass had knitted together completely. At any time of the year, making a quality choice is the key!

Watch Our Video, and Contact Us With Any Questions

Have you been wondering when to plan a new sod installation? Are you searching for a way to ensure a problem-free and pleasant experience? For more tips, watch our video: When is the best time to renovate my yard?

If you still have questions, contact us!

Autumn is upon us, we have advice for your lawn

Hi folks we are wanting everyone to know that sodding in the fall and through the winter is very fine. The sods will knit down until the soil temperature reaches a low of 47 degrees. It will require many cold nights for our soils here in Southeastern NC to reach that temperature. And even after that you can lay totally dormant sod (there is root activity) on soils that are even frozen. The sod will simply lay there – stopping the mud and dust from coming in your home and stopping any erosion. By mid April, the dormant sods will “wake up” and start showing new leaf growth. This is the time to fertilize as well. Do NOT apply a pre-emergent fertilizer for weeds until the following fall. Mowing will remove most winter time annuals and spring time weeds.

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