New video coming soon about installation of sod

Hello everyone hope you are enjoying the autumn weather, well it still feels like summer but it should be starting to cool down in the next few weeks which will be a great time to plant sod for a beautiful new lawn to make your yard look perfect.

This week we will be producing a video with Virtual Tours of Wilmington on the correct procedures for installing sod we hope to have the video posted here and on our You Tube Channel by October 22. This will be very instructive and informative so please check back to watch it and of course we are always available to answer your questions pertaining to sod so don’t hesitate to stop by and see us in Ogden – behind the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

We hope to see you soon!

We are receiving yet another load of 40 freshly harvested Sabal Palmettos on Monday AM (9/27/12)

Hi everyone we are receiving yet another load of 40 freshly harvested Sabal Palmettos on Monday AM (9/27/12).  They will range in heights from 9′ to 14′ and will be either slick or booted. Our quality has been well discovered!
It is ALSO a very fine time to be planting palms, AND, all our grass cultivars from February through mid December. Our website contains a well written article on installing dormant sod and all the benefits that this procedure has.

Autumn is upon us, we have advice for your lawn

Hi folks we are wanting everyone to know that sodding in the fall and through the winter is very fine. The sods will knit down until the soil temperature reaches a low of 47 degrees. It will require many cold nights for our soils here in Southeastern NC to reach that temperature. And even after that you can lay totally dormant sod (there is root activity) on soils that are even frozen. The sod will simply lay there – stopping the mud and dust from coming in your home and stopping any erosion. By mid April, the dormant sods will “wake up” and start showing new leaf growth. This is the time to fertilize as well. Do NOT apply a pre-emergent fertilizer for weeds until the following fall. Mowing will remove most winter time annuals and spring time weeds.

Thanks to all of our customers that have called and emailed us about our new website!

We are so grateful to have wonderful customers and we appreciate all the nice feedback on our new website and we promise to keep you posted with new product arrivals and ways to care for you lawns.

Just an update we have sold almost all of the palm trees that we got in a few weeks ago please call or email us if you would like us to hold one for you.

We are currently working on some videos and hope to have them on our site soon.

Have a great rest of the summer!

New fresh Palm Trees arriving in Wilmington this week!

Because of the many calls we have received and the desire to have magnificent palm trees installed we have purchased a truck load of Palmetto Palms that are on their way to Superior Sod in Wilmington. We will let you know as soon as they arrive at our Market Street location in Wilmington.

This is a great time to purchase these beautiful specimens please call us to reserve or stop by our Center on Market Street to pick one or several out for your property!

Palmetto Palm Trees being delivered to our growing center in Wilmington North Carolina

The Superior Sod Website

Hi folks we have migrated our old website over to this new website please book mark this website as we will be continually adding new and relevant content to help you with your grass and turf and sod management.