The best way to a new enjoyable yard is to install Superior Sod. We can guide you in selecting the correct grass for your environmental conditions. We always have on hand a variety of Zoysia called Empire Zoysia.

Hands down this is the top rated Zoysia grass! Empire Zoysia is a very hardy sod that is absolutely gorgeous. Click here to see a video about this great sod.

Please click this link to download and print a free copy of our Guide to Southeast Grasses

  • Harvesting Sod From the Sod Farm
    Harvesting Sod From the Sod Farm
  • Large Rolls of Sod Being installed
    Large Rolls of Sod Being installed
  • Golf Course Sodding
    Empire Zoysia
  • University of Montana Sod
    University of Montana Sod
  • Completed Golf Course Fairway
    Completed Golf Course Fairway
  • Mowing Sod
  • Harvesting Sod
    Harvesting Sod
  • Big Roll Operation
  • Big Roll Operation

Superior sod is best

This could be Your Lawn When Provided by Superior Sod

For added value and beauty and to have an enjoyable living area we suggest you consider Superior Sod for your yard. We have the correct variety for your environment and would love to help you with your project.