We have helped many people over the years with planting new lawns that we decided to start a new section to highlight the comments and testimonials  from our happy customers.

October 23, 2013 We just got an email from Mrs Arnold in Wilmington:

After many years of unsuccessfully trying to grow grass on my own, I called Superior Sod and was pleasantly surprised in my entire experience!  Al was very pleasant to work with and he went above and beyond what I had expected.  He provided me with excellent sod and, in addition, he put me in touch with a professional landscaper.  As a result, I now have a beautiful yard with lush green grass!  I highly recommend Superior Sod!                Patricia Arnold

My new back yard

Glynda Paternotte who sent a photo and captioned it as “MY BEAUTIFUL LAWN” Her grass of choice was also Empire Zoysia

20130624_071000 20130531_161102

Ryan Wells told us that he was very grateful for our suggestions and thorough advice.  He is thrilled with his new lawn. His pictures show how well he prepared his soil prior to installing his new Empire and the finished product.This is the first lawn he ever installed.