Ways to Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Whether or not you are selling your home or just maintaining a household, curb appeal is important. Curb appeal is a phrase used to describe a positive looking yard, home, and generally “walking up” area.

The main advice is plant some bright flowers, paint the shutters, and repave that walkway. There are some additional actions that we can take, however, to ensure the beautiful longevity of curb appeal that go deeper than the surface.

Red Pine Straw

Pine Straw is used most commonly in colder environments because of its effectiveness in keeping root systems much warmer than your average mulch. It also prevents most varieties of weeds.

The acidic level of pine straw is what makes it so perfect for most gardening and yard situations. It matches that of rain water to keep plants thriving. It doesn’t blow away in the wind (especially if the needles are long) and can be applied at different depths for different sized plants.

The practical applications of pine straw are clear, but what does this plant loving mulch have to with curb appeal?

Most pine straw is used to enrich soil and has a deep brown color but is not often considered decorative. “Slash” pine is short and plentiful, but there is a more beautiful pine straw that can change the way your yard looks and feels.

Long Leaf Pine is a little longer than your average “slash” and is much more red in color. It is not bright red like a red colored mulch, but has a gorgeous red-brown color that its shorter counterpart does not.


The grass is the pride of any yard and is often the first thing people see about your property. There is no way to get around happy, healthy grass when it comes to curb appeal.

If you are not familiar with sod, it is the grass meets ground solution for a yard that needs a little help. It can take a complete disaster of a yard, or just a place that needs a little help, and give it a fresh start.


Whether or not the grass starts out as sod, fertilization is very important for the health of the lawn. A good looking yard starts with happy healthy grass that is well fed. Late in the Spring you should make your first round of fertilizer and then another in the late summer.

The care of the yard as a whole is very important. The entire property sits on the foundation that your lawn provides. While it may seem tedious, every step you take toward a better looking lawn makes all the difference.

When working towards improving curb appeal, it is important to remember that beauty goes deeper than the surface.